Warlock Fish Mix Freshly Frozen Ready Made Betaine Boilies
with Strawberry CSL and Aminos
  Once again using the same big carp catching Warlock Fish Mix there is the option of having a freshly frozen bait of the highest quality. These boilies have been used on various different venues up and down the country and continue to catch time and time again from everywhere they are introduced.

Each bait is charged with a trio of high attractors…Betaine, Strawberry corn steep liquor and aminos for maximum pulling power on introduction to the water. This is a top quality food source specifically formulated by Cyprinid Products to consistently produce results through high attract food science. These boilies have been through a further process of betaine and additive coating before being freshly frozen, hence the immediate attraction to the carp from this delicious strawberry flavoured fishmeal food source.

Warlock Frozen Ready Made Boilies
Per 1 Kg
Per 5 Kg
Per 10 Kg
Per 20 Kg
Available in 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm sizes
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betaine boiles picture  

Warlock Boilie Blocks

Price per 500g Boilie Block £3.50

Boilie Blocks have many uses for tripping up wary carp and here we have (made from the 'Warlock Fish Mix') our own range available in many different flavours. Whether you choose to grate the block for the perfect crumb or to cut into small or mishaped pieces the boilie block is an excellent way of keeping the fish guessing in every situation. Each block is 500g and is normally made to order in your own special flavour concoction although we do keep some varied stock. Please do not hesitate to contact regarding this awesome carp catching product.

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